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Hi, my name’s YO! ZOOMA


I am the world's first Doggie Founder & CEO of a mission-based Coffee Company!

I launched
YO! ZOOMA to raise money for Doggie Shelters and Rescues who desperately need funds for food, shelter, medicine and time to find forever homes for my furry friends. 

Everything you buy from YO! ZOOMA supports this important and vital cause.

I like to say, "Drink a Cup, Save a Pup!"

I'm so grateful my two Mommies, sisters Diane & Michele, rescued me from an LA shelter before it was too late. It was love at first sight!


My Mommies always say, YO! ZOOMA, "We rescued you and you rescued us right back!"

They call me YO! ZOOMA because I have a magical ability to disappear and when I do, they shout out, "YO! ZOOMA, get over here!"

I donate 25% of profits to meet the endless needs of my furry brothers and sisters. Every month, I select Shelters and Rescues based on their financial needs. Please write to me if your organization needs my help at:  It's my way of giving back.

Thank you for your generous heart and support so that my furry friends can be...

Happy, Joyous & Free









Founder & CEO

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